Customer loyalty doesn’t have to be forged strictly on your customer service and overall experience. There are three great car wash marketing ideas that can create more frequent and loyal customers. We recommend these tools to all our clients, with great results. Coupons books offer multiple opportunities to use your services and are a great way to spread the word to new customers. Email newsletters keep customers informed of new services, the events schedule, and act as reminders to come in for a wash. Lastly, offering an unlimited car wash program helps create a larger regular customer base which will spread the word of your excellent service. Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.

Coupon books

Coupon books are a great car wash marketing tool to increase customer loyalty because the customers have to visit your location each time they want to redeem a coupon. Most coupons included cover a wide range of services and can only be redeemed once, which means customers with a coupon book will become more frequent customers as they use each coupon. By offering coupon books you give customers a reason to keep visiting your location which means you will have repeated opportunities to provide great service and create loyal customers that return well after their coupons have been redeemed. Coupon books are also a great way to increase your customer base because loyal customers may purchase more for themselves or to give as gifts.

Email newsletter

Offering an email newsletter to all your customers is a useful way to remind customers to come in for a wash. Many people forget when they washed the car last and an email newsletter that provides updates about your services, hours of operation, and any new events happening is also a great way to remind customers to stop in. An email newsletter is a good car wash marketing tool because you can provide information about discounts, promotions and new services to your established customer base. This creates loyal customers because it shows you value them as a customer and want to keep them up to date with your business. You may also increase customer loyalty by offering a unique promotion or discount to newsletter subscribers.

Unlimited car washes

Lastly a successful car wash marketing tool is offering an unlimited car wash club. An unlimited wash club operates with a monthly rate that allows the customer to get their vehicle washed as many times as they’d like in that month. This creates loyal customers because they will come to your wash more frequently instead of stopping anywhere to get a wash when it’s needed. Most unlimited car wash club members won’t get their car washed every day but they will come to your location more frequently and will tell friends and family that they use your wash exclusively because of your program.

Customer loyalty is rooted in great customer service and frequent opportunities to visit your location. Using coupon books, email newsletters, and an unlimited car wash club will create a larger base of regular customers. When people keep coming back they will establish loyalty and recommend your wash over your competitors.

Wolford Communications offers car wash coupon books, email newsletter marketing and unlimited car wash database management for clients across the country. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact us today.