In Hoboken, New Jersey, a car wash patron left the keys in the ignition for the attendant to come out and take the pricey BMW X5 SUV through the wash. Somebody came to take the car, but it wasn’t the attendant and it never made it through the wash.

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A Union City resident on Sunday took his 2011 white BMW X5 to the Hoboken Carwash at 352 Observer Highway and left the keys in the vehicle so that it could be taken through the wash, said Sgt. Edgardo Cruz. It’s not clear if the thief posed as an employee, but the person managed to sneak into the vehicle and drive off with it, Cruz said.

No one reported seeing the thief getting into the car, and no surveillance of the area is available, he said. The car’s owner and car wash employees only noticed the theft as the vehicle left the parking lot, he said.

Anybody who’s seen a dirty, white 2011 X5 driving around New Jersey, give the police a call.