(Image: NewsWest9.com)

(Image: NewsWest9.com)

A car wash business in Odessa, Texas, is coming under fire for its music, which at least one neighbor says is way too loud, according to NewsWest9.com.

“This car wash has been a complete nuisance. You can see from my back door six speakers on top of the car wash and they play music from even before 8:00 a.m. in the morning until 11:30 at night,” resident Rachel Moody told the news station.

She’s apparently spoken with the city and with the car wash owner, but to no avail. The music still plays, and the car wash told the news reporter that it was within the city’s requirements on decibel levels.

This is what we call a teachable moment. You’ve got to be up-front with residents, and you’ve got to be up-front with the media. We don’t know what happened in this situation. Maybe the resident is being unreasonable. But maybe she’s not. In either case, the news report doesn’t make the car wash look good.

The best way to handle the situation is to try to work out a solution with the resident directly so that she doesn’t take the story to the press. If that doesn’t work — it’s true some residents complain to hear themselves talk — then when the newspaper or TV station comes around, you have to give an interview and present your side of the story.

Imagine if the owner had come out and said: “Yeah, we’ve been working with Rachel for a while now to try to resolve the problem. We’ve lowered the volume significantly, and we can’t really go any lower without hurting the business. Right now, we’re well within legal decibel levels. We’re going to continue trying to work out a solution that suits both Rachel and our business.”

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