This James Bond infographic shows Bond cars through the generations. (Photo: Screenshot/Evans Halshaw)

This James Bond infographic shows Bond cars through the generations. (Photo: Screenshot/Evans Halshaw)

We’ve given a lot of advice on content marketing and a lot of great examples, including here, here, and here.

But Business2Community has recently posted some of the best we’ve seen. We’re going to show some examples and how they can translate to car wash content marketing. (See all 10 by clicking here.)

First, this one (pictured on the left) for cars caught our eye. Evans Halshaw, a leading car dealer in the UK, posted an interactive infographic showing James Bond rides through the decades. It’s pretty brilliant. For one, who doesn’t love looking at beautiful cars and reliving a bunch of great movies? This positions Evans Halshaw as a “cool” brand. And two, it drives web traffic to their site.

Car wash businesses can easily incorporate this idea. Photograph or video record the coolest cars that come through your shop (with the owners’ permission) and build a slideshow or video showcasing them. (Keep it relatively short — definitely not more than 90 seconds.) Post it on your Facebook page or make a blog post. It should attract attention, and it will show the public that people with gorgeous vehicles want your car wash to wash them.

Second, Old Spice. If you’re wondering how to do Twitter right, look at their feed because they are masters. They’ve shaped it around their brand — machismo + deodorant — and created a Chuck-Norris-jokes-but-different theme. It’s promotional because it’s not promotional, which should be the goal of all effective content marketing. Here’s a taste:

OK, last one from us, but, seriously, check out the rest on the Business2Community website. We love this Ron Burgundy infographic, not just because it’s Ron Burgundy (but mostly because it’s Ron Burgundy). It’s essentially a poster called “Ron Burgundy’s Guide to Dress for Success” and includes tips like “Aviators: Mirrored glasses give your eyes room to roam” and “Underwear: Optional.”

Although your car wash will never be a summer blockbuster hit, you can still make funny posters or web infographics. If we were doing one, we might call it: “The Car Wash Business Blog’s Tips for Bad Car Wash Marketing.”

Tip No. 1: Don’t read The Car Wash Business Blog.