(Photo: Wag N Wheel Car Wash)

(Photo: Wag N Wheel Wash)

Two former firefighters and a current firefighter got together last summer to use their knowledge of water and hoses to open up a business together. Now their car wash in Washington Mills, New York, is expanding from serving vehicles to pets, too.

“We’re still spraying water … it’s just not as strenuous,” Richard Tomaino told the Utica Observer-Dispatch. “We’re having a good time with it, and the support from the customers who used to come here before has been great.”

The Wag N Wheel Wash began serving vehicles 24 hours a day offering hand-held pressure wash wands and foaming brushes. The business also included a separate vacuuming station for interior cleaning.

But the three men felt something was missing, so they recently converted one of its car wash bays for a pet wash station. They said the decision has been a huge hit.

Since purchasing the former car wash station, the men have also been able to upgrade some aging equipment with added sales.