Unlimited wash clubs are a common car wash marketing idea where the customer purchases a membership for a monthly fee and that member can get their car washed as many times during that month as they’d like. But many car wash businesses are reluctant to make the leap to start an unlimited wash club program. To help answer some of the questions you may have as an owner or manager, we’ve compiled some answers to the most common concerns.

Don’t you lose money when you offer unlimited washes?

It seems like by offering an unlimited wash club the business may lose money because the customers have access to discounted (and eventually free) car washes throughout the month, but this is rarely the case. By purchasing the unlimited wash club membership, most customers will only increase their wash frequency by one or two “extra” washes, which means you actually make money because the customers pay more for their monthly membership then they would pay for one or two washes.

Alternatively, if you do have regular customers that take advantage of their unlimited wash club membership, they may decide to upgrade their wash or include other services because they are at your location more frequently. These will also be your “super customers,” more likely to recommend your business to friends and family. Having an unlimited car wash club makes customers feel like they’re getting a deal when they’re really paying more for the access and most aren’t getting their car washed weekly. The trend with unlimited wash clubs is that customers will pay even more once they’re a member because they think they’re getting a deal so they will purchase services or upgrades more frequently.

How do I determine what to charge and offer?

Deciding how to price your monthly unlimited wash club can be tricky and should depend on the rates of your current washes as well as what other services you offer and would like to be included in the membership. A general rule is to charge twice as much as your most expensive wash for an all inclusive monthly membership. This is a good price point because you will get paid no matter if the customer washes their car or not and the recurring monthly fee can help offset other costs.

Monthly unlimited car wash clubs often have a tiered approach, much like the cost of your washes. It’s important to consider this option because you may be able to convince your regular customers to join a monthly club if you offer their car wash of choice. When considering your exclusive club you can also adjust prices for other services and offer a discount instead of including them in your monthly price.

What are other car wash businesses doing?

A great example of a monthly unlimited car wash club is The Smart Car Wash’s program which has a three tiered and family approach. Their website outlines the benefits of their program as well as each tier from the basic wash to the premium wash. Membership includes a VIP express lane to get in and out of each wash faster, and there’s a family plan option to add more cars to the same account.

No matter how you decide to structure your monthly unlimited car wash club make sure you include a page on your website and information at your location so customers can quickly see the benefits, sign up easily, and start enjoying your program quickly. If you have further questions about unlimited wash programs, contact the marketing experts at Wolford Communications.