tommy.jpgA new car wash planned for Joplin, Missouri will become the ninth for a car wash chain called Tommy’s Express Car Wash. The Joplin Globe gave the proposed project a thumbs up in a recent article. The car wash is getting good reviews for its design which features a car wash tunnel.

“It’s quite a design — like no other car wash I’ve seen before.” The Joplin Globe

Tommy Car Wash Systems is based in Holland, Michigan. Their site makes it easy to pick out which design franchise owners want to invest in. The Joplin location would be The Express model, which features an impressive tunnel with windowed walls and a bright red design. They call it a “microbrew look,” because it showcases the equipment the way small beer brewers do. The model costs upwards of $2 million to build and would employ three people at minimum. The Joplin Globe reports a car wash would cost between $7 and $15.

An interesting feature in the design is the pay station. Customers choose a bay to drive through based on their method of payment: cash, credit or through a rewards program.

The project will go before city council this week. If all is approved, construction could begin on the site as early as August. The Globe is predicting some variances will need to be considered including a noise barrier for nearby residents and some provisions for storm water runoff, which is a problem in the area.