Students wash cars for a fundraiser in Cherokee, Kansas. |

Is it ever too cold for a car wash? Vehicle experts say unless you have significant damage to your vehicle, there is little risk when it comes to getting a nice rinse even in the winter. And that was good news for one group of teens who recently held a “cold weather” car wash in Cherokee, Kansas.

The Technology Student Association at Southeast High School planned a fundraiser December expecting chilly temperatures to greet motorists. Instead, they were surprised with 70 degree weather the day of the event, according to Still, the club’s 25 students were able to raise $500 for travel expenses to national competitions next year.

Their fundraiser brings up an interesting point. The Chicago Tribune tried to answer that question in a column when one driver asked if it was ever too cold in the windy city to consider going for a wash. The reply came with expert opinions from the International Car Wash Association.

“Unless there is already a crack or chip in the windshield, and the weather is extraordinarily cold, this is really not an issue for carwashes,” said Eric Wulf, the association’s CEO. “The issue of freezing locks is one that many people are worried about, but it almost never happens. The keyhole is covered, and unless water is poured into the door and/or air is blown straight into that keyhole, this is also not really a risk. Plus, most drivers hardly ever use their keys anymore, with the advent of keyless entry.”

Officials there said that while many car washes are closed during winter months, it’s not a bad idea to swing through the ones that are open if you’re looking to knock off some snow and ice this winter.