Mister Car Wash

Mister Car Wash’s corporate headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, has modern new digs. (Photo: insidetucsonbusiness.com)

The last few days have been packed with car wash business news. Here’s our roundup of the top stories this past week.

1. The drought in Jamaica is killing car wash businesses. According to the Jamaica Observer, car wash businesses in Jamaica are suffering under a withering drought that’s led to severe water restrictions and caused the driving public to rethink washing their vehicles. The quotes from the managers in the article tell the story:

“The drought affecting us badly. It affects us because we have to cut staff; we have to cut the days. I start cutting staff from last week. Before the drought we would get about 20 cars. Now that the drought is here I sleep almost all of the day, now is just two cars a day.”

2. Mister Car Wash received a huge economic stimulus grant. Inside Tucson Business reports that the corporate headquarters of the car wash business will receive an eight-year property tax waiver, a waiver on building permit fees and other incentives. The stimulus is expected to fund 112 jobs with an average salary of $80,000.

3. A Florida car wash marked 60 years in business. Clear Sunset Car Wash in Bradenton dates back to July 16, 1954, when a car wash was just a dollar. This year, the owners donated proceeds and donations that day to charity, according to the Bradenton Herald-Tribune.

4. Gwinn, Michigan, has a new car wash. UpperMichiganSource.com reports that Happy Bubbles Car Wash is soon to open. “We thought maybe bringing a car wash here would bring a little traffic and maybe promote the area a little bit,” the developer said.

5. Heloise says getting a professional car wash is expensive. “Dear Readers,” she writes, “most folks want to keep their cars looking nice, but it can get a little pricey to take to the car to the car wash all the time. Here are some Heloise hints to help take care of your car at home and save some big bucks over the long run.” Her hints include using car cleaners, washing bird poop away quickly, waxing when the sun is low and using a chamois.