crimeChristmas has arrived early for the lucky readers of the Car Wash Business Blog, this time in the form of some truly bizarre crime stories. Enjoy your monthly dose of illegal acts happening in and around your favorite establishments.

A judge in Canada was extremely lenient to a man who stole about $2,500 from a local car wash. The man took money from the pay machines by somehow tricking the mechanism and was caught on CCTV. He plead guilty in November and was sentenced the first week in December to time served, meaning he was released. The judge said the man struggled with addiction but had gone years without a charge and was determined to get his life in order.

And a man in New Orleans told police he was washing his car late one night when he spotted a man with gun approaching him in the dark. The victim was already  in the driver’s seat when he saw the gunman, so he drove at him, pinning the man against a wall. When he reversed to get away, the man shot then ran. The victim ended up in the hospital with a  gunshot wound to the elbow and abdomen and a pretty heroic tale to tell.

Plus an Ohio police officer was extremely patient in his apprehension of a criminal recently. In the city of Orange, an officer reportedly waited for the criminal he was looking to apprehend to finish his car wash before conducting a traffic stop. But here’s the twist. When the car came out of the other end, the passenger was missing. Police later learned the driver told her uncle to get out of the vehicle, which was a stolen rental car, when she saw police. He made his getaway in the car wash tunnel but was later tracked down by officers.