The site of a future retail center in Maryland. | Baltimore Sun

It seems any time we talk about plans for a new car wash, we also have to address the constant issue of traffic. Business owners like to be in a prime location where lots of drivers have access to their car wash bays and can spot them easily while passing through. Municipal officials are more concerned with how a business such as a car wash will impact surrounding areas and the current traffic patters. Oftentimes it’s an issue that ultimately puts an end to proposed car wash sites.

We have two instances of such a struggle going on this month. The first is a car wash out of Maryland between the towns of Bel Air and Fallston where a proposed retail center is causing traffic concerns. The center would include a car wash. The Baltimore Sun reports that developers who fielded questions from the public at a recent meeting. Many worried the new center would cause traffic headaches for residents of a nearby complex.

“Everyone in this room knows the traffic has hit a breaking point and this is going to add one more thing,” resident Jeff Conti said.

A similar complaint has been voiced in Joplin, Missouri where a proposed car wash will need to have a zoning request approved before construction can begin. The Joplin Globe reports that the proposed car wash has three bays and enough property to hold 28 vehicles at a time and wash 160 per hour. Those numbers are scary to nearby residents who say speeding is already a problem in their town. If zoning is approved there, the car wash could be operational by February.