Gator to the car wash? Why not?

Gator to the car wash? Why not? (

A Florida gator nearly went through a car wash over the weekend in Naples, Florida.

The 500-pound animal made an appearance at Waterfalls Auto Spa on Pine Ridge Road on its way to an alligator farm. The animal was trapped on a local golf course by a registered trapper in the county. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has a list of trappers in each county it can call on in emergency situations.

The state receives about 15,000 nuisance alligator complaints each year. This gator was trapped and had its mouth bound, then was put in the back of the pick-up truck. When the driver stopped at the car wash, a few passersby got to glimpse the reptile.

“You definitely don’t see that and you definitely don’t expect to see that when you are going to a car wash,” a witness told “It was pretty cool.” That gator will get to live out its days at an alligator farm where it won’t become an annoyance to other golfers and residents of Naples.