joplinTommy’s Express Car Wash in Joplin, Missouri showcased some of its technologies during a featured spot in its local paper this week. featured the business and all of its favorite bells and whistles in a short online video. Perhaps one of the coolest features was the technology used for unlimited car wash program participants.

The Tommy’s Express Car Wash unlimited wash program costs $19 per vehicle per month. An app lets you manage multiple cars and accounts through your phone. Instead of affixing a permanent or removable sticker or cling to your vehicle, or using some sort of badge or pass, the car wash uses a sensor to detect and read each vehicle’s license plate.

In the video, a car using the unlimited bay has to pause for just a moment before the technology recognizes the unlimited wash member’s plate and the vehicle is on its way to the tunnel. There, an automatic belt lets you throw you car into neutral as it’s pulled along the belt. The owners say that even vehicles with the latest braking and sensor technology are able to use the automatic belt.

The feature even included details about Tommy’s Express Car Wash franchise locations:

Consider our four innovative options: Express, Flex, Gas, and Mini. We build all Totally Tommy washes to be virtually identical in services, menu, and equipment to keep things simple.

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