Remember the 90’s? CD’s were all the rage. I still remember when I bought my first CD. I walked around the music store through aisles of thousands of CDs. The place was huge! CD’s were the latest way to share music, and cassette tapes were nowhere to be found. Fast forward to now. Where are all the CDs? Where are all the music stores now? Just as the CD made the tape obsolete, the rise of MP3 players and smartphones made the CD a dinosaur. The same trend is happening in the online space as well. Web sites are being replaced by web funnels.

pexels-photo-259027What are Web Funnels?

Web Funnels are a way to drive customers from an advertising campaign to the point of sale quickly and easily. Web Funnels first started appearing around the web a decade or so ago, but not many people used them. The reason for this was because of the price associated with building one. They were also highly complicated and just not doable for someone without expert computer programming skills.

Ten years ago you would need a team of experts to code and integrate your web funnels to get customers to the point of sale. Fortunately, these days the price of funnels has come down. There are also companies on the web that make creating a funnel just as easy as writing a word document.

Why do I need Web Funnels?

Web Funnels are different than a website. A website has a lot of information about your company, such as how to get in touch, hours of operation, pricing, your various web presences. This information is ideal for an existing customer. However, for someone who is not yet a customer, you need fewer options. You need a way to convert someone into a customer without bombarding them with too much information.

Where can I build a Funnel?

These days it is easy to get started building a funnel. Sites like let you build funnels for 14 days to try them out and see if a funnel is a good fit for your business. Do you have a fishbowl at your shop to collect business cards? You can build a digital fishbowl to collect potential customer’s information and send specials tailored to them. If you want to learn more about web funnels and start your 14-day free trial, check out

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