58de4240e9f0f.imageAs busy parents themselves, Brian and Jennifer Szakaly said they were thinking of ways to make a common errand a little easier to achieve. So when they started their car wash in Carrollton, Virginia they said they had other busy parents in mind. Parents who might enjoy a quiet moment while taking care of their vehicle. The Hampton Roads Business Journal reports that their new business opened this month. It’s called Carrollton Car Wash.

As parents of four children, the Szakalys said they turned their convenient business idea into a top-notch business by trying to make it a relaxing experience. Jennifer Szakaly described it as a red-carpet experience, which makes getting your car washed quick and easy and at an affordable price.

“I wanted to sip a latte and check my email, not have to worry about being embarrassed that I didn’t hear someone shouting that my car was ready or worrying that I would miss hearing or seeing them signaling me to come get my car out of the way,” she said.

The company is already employing 14 works with plans to bring on more staff. They offer car wash packages that include everything from a simple express exterior wash to a full interior and exterior wash.