A screenshot from the Wash Systems software. (Courtesy Wash Systems)

A screenshot from the Wash Systems software. (Courtesy Wash Systems)

Keeping your car wash equipment in service is one of the most essential functions of your staff and your business. Everyone knows that when your tunnel is down, you lose sales.  When a piece of equipment is down your quality will likely suffer.  When you are shutdown or have poor quality, you are risking the cornerstone to repeat business — consumer trust.

That’s why every business has preventative maintenance processes in place. Everybody knows how important it is. So why does equipment still break down? Why don’t owners, managers and employees always follow through with the procedures they’ve put in place?

“People who work at car washes have a multitude of tasks and possibly even multiple roles, so it’s hard to prioritize things that are preventative,” said John Booth, co-founder of Wash Systems. “We developed OPEn to simplify preventative maintenance and to spare owners and managers a lot of stress.”

OPEn — which stands for Operations Process Engine — is an internet-based software program that replaces the need for messy notebook checklists and nagging email reminders to employees. It was designed by people in the car wash industry specifically for the car wash industry.

With OPEn you can see exactly what tasks need completed, check those tasks off a list.  Information is right at your fingertips; with OPEn you can store information like equipment manuals, part numbers, and instructions on how to complete tasks (including pictures and video). You’ll save time and money by helping new employees get quickly up to speed.

There’s also an issue-reporting system that gives your teams a quick way to report, track and resolve problems. “We have had very positive response to the Issue reporting system. Employees seem to really love having a place to note equipment and facility concerns,” Booth said.

Check out the video below to learn more. Or if you’d like a free demo to see if the system is a good fit for your organization, click here.

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