Bucket Suds

A car wash in Malaysia says it may resort to washing cars with buckets to save water.

The impending effects of El Niño on water supplies in Malaysia have car wash businesses there scrambling to prepare, according to Bernama.

Operators are stockpiling water in storage tanks and opening for only half days. One told the state news agency he was considering washing cars with soapy buckets. “Although using the bucket is quite slow, our customers understand and the end result is much better as a move to reduce the quantity of water used,” he said.

The ongoing torment of water shortages is becoming a global problem for car wash businesses. This month in California, measures to reduce water, including bans on hoses, have taken effect. And in Jamaica, a severe drought is imperiling the solvency of car wash businesses. In many cases, the lack of water has spawned a growing business interest in waterless car wash products.

“Business like ours really needs water as a source and if the water crisis frequently occur, our business will also be affected,” said one car wash operator in Kuala Lumpur.