Envi-1Here’s a new car wash start-up we can get behind. The owners of Envi car wash in Los Angeles set out to solve a few problems when they created their new business. They wanted to reduce the impact of car washes on the environment, make getting a car wash easier for customers by saving time and do a little something extra.

Nibletz reports that Envi is also known for primarily employing deaf individuals and those with hearing impairments. Their business model makes that possible because their waterless car wash is also a mobile one. Customers schedule their appointments through their phones with the click of a button and an employee can respond just by typing. The communication style makes it easy for those who can’t hear to conduct the entire transaction.

“The deaf workforce we’ve hired so far takes great pride in their work. It’s easy for them to communicate with customers using our mobile app” the company told Nibletz.

Once an appointment is made, the business functions much like any other mobile car wash service. The employee travels to the location of the vehicle and makes it clean using a variety of waterless products. If Envi sounds like the kind of business you want to learn more about, catch their full video on their site. We’re sure we’ll be hearing much more about them in the future.