washlo3Check out this new car wash business in Europe that brings services to your doorstep. Here’s a Q&A with the owner Arif Mirza.
When did the app launch, and how did you come up with the idea? What’s your back story?
App launched on 23rd October 2015. I came up with the idea whilst having a chat with my wife on how nice it would be to have someone come home and clean the car. I searched the app store on my phone and couldn’t find anything, so I thought why not?. Washlo is now the UK’s first on demand waterless car wash service. We save 99.7% less water than your average car wash.
How are sales so far?
Currently performing average of 10 car washes per week. The Washlo app is free to download. App downloads have been steady.

Do you have plans to expand beyond Leicester?
Yes. I aim to provide the service to the whole of (UK Midlands) within six to eight months and provide services to London (city) very soon.
Would you consider licensing your app software to other car washes around the world?
Yes. There are plans to offer global services, in particular with Europe first.
What advice would you give to car wash businesses developing or marketing apps?
Get moving with the current flow of technology and definitely start looking into providing your car wash services via mobile apps. Setting up a car wash business is relatively easy but gaining momentum is key. This can be achieved by constantly engaging with your local communities. Setting up a car wash is demanding work but surely worth the efforts if done correctly. Although there are plenty of car washes around, try not to give up at the first few obstacles.