waterless2Anton van Happen fell in love with cars at a young age. Now as the CEO of a company that caters to his passion, the young entrepreneur is taking pride in helping Californians keep their vehicles clean during one of the most devastating droughts in their history. His company, Eco Green Auto Clean, is a waterless product that is completely biodegradable.

In a video created by the company van Happen provides statistics about the amount of water used by a typical wash. In general, car wash businesses use 200 gallons of water per vehicle. If the water is reused or recycled, there is still about 30 percent of water that can’t be reused meaning they waste about 60 gallons. The waterless product van Happen uses essentially saves those 60 gallons per wash, he said.

“Water is still coming out of our taps right now, but once it’s doesn’t, it’s over, it’s the end,” van Happen said. “It’s not coming back anymore.”

Customers featured in the video said it allows them to maintain clean vehicles and a clean conscious, knowing they aren’t contributing to their state’s massive drought. Government officials in California said in the promo that while the state has encountered droughts before, this one will likely have the most severe impacts.

Eco Green Auto Clean also boasts a streak-free finish and is already being used by clients including the City of San Francisco, Uber, Google, Enterprise rent a car and many fire stations in the Bay Area. They also sell kits for individuals to use at home on their site.