The car wash industry has it rough when it comes to marketing. Other businesses can do things wildly differently, create a different product or ambience. Restaurants can sell a different menu, retailers can cater to niche markets. Car wash businesses are all in the same line of work: clean cars. So how do you put your brand out there ahead of the others?

  • As Entrepreneur recently writes, you have to “say ‘I’m the best’ without actually saying it.” But that’s not always easy. They offer six ideas that can boil down to this one: Say what you can do, and be prepared to prove it. Highlight your wash solution, water efficiency, or average speed.
  • One thing we like to suggest is running promotions that can really save people money — and then launching an email or direct mail campaign to tell the world about it. If the savings are attractive enough and your brand voice is interesting enough, it’ll put your name on the map.
  • And speaking of maps, we’ve already talked about getting your business onto Google Maps.
  • Social media and content marketing can go a long way, as Professional Carwashing & Detailing notes in its feature about one car wash business that has nearly 20,000 Twitter followers. “What social media does and will continue to do for businesses such as ours is making us relevant,” said Detail XPerts President Angela Williams.
  • And finally, personality. This is the most important aspect of standing out in a tough market. In a recent study, psychologists found that small children were most likely to want to read a children’s story about a human being than about something else. People like people, and as a car wash you can use that to your advantage by including personal stories and your own distinctive voice in your marketing materials.