weird newsWe try to only feature weird car wash news once a month, but every once in while there appears to be something in the water that merits more coverage. This post features three bizarre car wash stories and a couple involving crimes. They hail from North Carolina, the U.K. and northern California.

First up, we’ll visit Statesville, North Carolina where a surveillance camera captured a woman pulling through the automatic car wash to give her truck a nice clean. The problem was she also had a boat hitched to the back. It’s not clear whether the woman intented to clean her boat, but the result was about $3,000 worth of damage to the car wash tunnel. Now police are sharing the video through local media outlets including to try to find the woman and charge her. You can watch the full video on the TV station’s site.

And over in the U.K. a drunken car wash worker is accused of setting fire to his boss’s vehicle in an act of revenge. The story comes after the suspect was charged with arson and appeared in court. He told the judge he set the fire after a falling out over wages. The Birmingham Mail reports that the man was jailed for 20 months.

We saved the best story for last. In Northern California, a man tried to rob a car wash with a potato chip bag. The man told the clerk it was actually a potato chip bag with a gun inside. ABC News reports that he put the bag on the counter and demanded that the clerk fill it with cash, then indicated the bag contained a weapon. When the clerk noticed the bag was empty, the man fled on foot.