April showers bring May flowers and strange news of the weird to car washes around the country. That’s how the saying goes, right? Here’s your monthly dose.

Mashable reports that a group of grown men, who moonlight as radio DJs in Australia, decided to do a bit of a strange stunt for a commercial of sorts recently. The men sold all of their bit coin to buy an old convertible. Then they did the unthinkable with it: drove it through the car wash with the top down. The video is as funny as it sounds and these men give you a few laughs at their own expense. Check it out. 

And a car wash in Brownsville, Texas is closing its doors after the owners decided to retire. Magic Time Car Wash sold auto parts and was known around town for its various artifacts from car washes back in the day. They sold everything standard like windshield wipers and air fresheners but they also had quirky signs to hang on you vehicle and a lot of gag gifts. The owners were in business for 30 years and replaced an old arcade. The building will be demolished within a couple of months to make way for a new shopping plaza.

Plus a woman wrote into her local paper in New York to point out a funny discrepancy between the cleaning standards some men subscribe to. “What is it with some men? They can leave dishes in the sink for days, the garbage has to be overflowing before they take it out — but no matter what, when Saturday comes, off they go to take their place in line at the car wash.”