weird newsWe can’t make this stuff up, and luckily we don’t have to. August did not disappoint when it comes to weird car wash news. Here’s a wrap up of our favorites this month.

A man brought his horse to the car wash and said on video it was easier. The Los Angeles man made a video to show how well behaved his horse was as he washed it down with a brush in a car wash bay. The horse stands there, tethered, while the man works up a nice lather. He told Pickle, he takes his horses for a wash before rodeos and competitions. As the Australian news outlet points out, it makes sense if you consider that both horses and cars are modes of transportation.

And what’s a month of car wash news without a little bit of crime? in Illinois reports that  man got into some trouble back in July after he exposed himself at a car wash. A criminal complaint was filed in the local courts following the incident. The complaint says the man  “knowingly exposed his penis” while in a vehicle at the $3 Express Wash and did it “with the intent to arouse or satisfy his sexual desire.” As of press time, the flasher had yet to be caught, though law enforcement had identified him.

Plus, we’ve seen this before but it never gets old. A woman who visited the car wash in Austria, decided to blast the inside of her vehicle with the high-pressured hose. What she was cleaning off, nobody knows. But a passerby happened to catch the bizarre scene on tape. Watch the whole thing at The Local.