weird newsWe’re topping off 2016 with a final weird news blog. Of course, we could rehash the best of past weird news stories, but December has provided its own new amusement. Enjoy these three headlines.

A couple of deer were caught on camera zipping through a car wash in Berks County, Pennsylvania earlier this month. While it wasn’t clear exactly what made the two flock to the car wash bay, jokes about needing a quick shower soon made their rounds online. The Philly Voice posted a picture from the video footage of two blurs darting into the enclosed bay and then right back out. They also posted two full videos. Here’s hoping Bambi was squeaky clean afterwards.

And a man living in The Villages, Florida was arrested on DUI charges after police there say they found him drunk behind the wheel of a BMW at a local car wash. Police responded to a complaint of a parked car and made contact with the driver who explained that he was simply sitting behind the wheel, waiting to sober up before he drove home. That excuse might have flown had he not also had a couple of empty beer cans underneath his car and an unopened case in the back seat.

Plus plans for a car wash that would have replaced an abandoned pub were turned down in the United Kingdom because the idea went against zoning regulations for the area. But it seems anything would have been better than the abandoned pub, which the Express & Star described as a haven for “drug dealers, fly-tippers and yobs.”