Photo by Vermont State Police Department

Here’s a cute story and a strange one for you. Both happened at car washes this month. The first was in Vermont and the second took place in Australia.

Animal lovers will get a kick out of this first one. A police K-9 dog in Vermont whose video at the car wash is going viral this week after his handlers posted the clip online. K-9 Max loved going “helping” his handler as he took the hose out to spray the car down.

“People see them as aggressive dogs, but that’s not always the case. At the end of the day, even police K-9s can be goofy dogs. It also shows the bond between the K-9 and handler,” Vermont State Police Trooper Nicholas Arlingto told USA TODAY Network.

Our other weird story for the month of February took place down under. In this case, another video is going viral but the reason is more baffling than cute. In a video circulated by Yahoo! News, a woman in Western Australia is seen washing her car with soapy water. The problem is, she did it inside and out.

A passerby captured the clip and posted the video to YouTube. In it, you can see the woman use soap and water in the back seat of the car and on the inside of the doors. Water even spills out of the vehicle. She must have had a real mess to clean up.