weird newsSo far the year 2017 is promising to be just as weird as years past, at least when it comes to interesting car wash news. This month’s features come from all over including Florida and Massachusetts. Enjoy your monthly dose of weird.

In Concord, Massachusetts the owners of a car wash are mourning the loss of their pseudo mascot: an outdoor cat they cared for a fed. “Mama Kitty” passed away recently and the owner tells the local paper he found her lifeless body in the heated bed the staff there made for her. Customers are already sad to see the cat go, and the owner had some cute stories about her antics around the business, including the time she accidentally entered the car was and came out looking “like a drowned rat.” Mama Kitty gave birth to a few litters over the years but the kittens were all adopted out.

And of course, Mama Kitty wasn’t the only cat to see her share of the car wash. A tiny kitten in Naples, Florida was aptly named “Suds” after surveillance footage at a car wash there showed the little white cat jumping from an SUV’s undercarriage just as the vehicle was about to get washed. The cat had to be reduced from a soapy puddle and already, people are lining up to adopt her.

Not to be outdone, a 55,000-pound tractor trailer was swallowed by a sinkhole near a car wash in north Georgia. The hole is believed to have opened up over an old storm drain and crews worked for more than a day to remove the truck.