MKG, an experiential marketing agency, landed on a ‘carwash’ theme for its annual summer party. The ‘En-scented Forest.’ |Sara Kerens, WSJ

We can’t make this stuff up. Here’s two stories from July that show just how often the weird takes place at your local car wash.

Ever been to a car wash party? Neither have we, but the Wall Street Journal is reporting that a company called MKG likes to go all out with its unique party themes for employees. Most recently, they held one with a car wash theme where life-sized air fresheners decorated one room and guests played craps with fuzzy dice. There was a bubble room where guests could sip champagne and sparkling rose. The dance floor looked like a car wash conveyor belt and the photo booth had a backdrop of felt flaps like the mechanized washers.

“We try to take something that nobody else is going to think about and do it in our own fun and clever way,” said Tracy Bussan, the company’s president.

To top it off, the company had everyone dress the part in mechanics-style uniforms with wash rags dangling out of their pockets.

And in Northern Ireland, a drop of blood found at the scene of a car wash burglary helped police arrest and convict a man who they said broke into the business and stole tires, wheels, a battery charger and cash, among other items. When they investigated, they found the drop of blood on a TV stand at the scene, the Impartial Reporter said.

The defendant was subsequently arrested and interviewed by police. He could give no account of why his DNA was found at the scene and answered “no comment” to all questions.