George the elephant washes cars at a fundraiser. | KPIC

The weird keeps coming this month, this time with stories out of Oregon, New York and Massachusetts.

The first comes from Boston, but has already made its rounds on the internet, getting picked up in national publications such as USA today. Newser.com has the story about a 6-year-old who called the cops on his dad. The dad explained to law enforcement that he was driving with his son to the car wash when he ran a red light. The kid, knowing his traffic laws apparently, told his dad he was going to call 911. When they got home, he kept his word, dialing those three digits and finally handing the phone to his dad to had to explain himself to the dispatcher. It turns out the dad turned right on red and no ticket was issued.

And in Fairmount, New York a couple decided to make it official at the most romantic of places. CNYCentral.com reports that a couple rented a stretch limo and got married inside the car wash tunnel at Delta Sonic car wash, which dubs its wash the Kissing Clean Car Wash.

“(The) car got super kissed, and we got super kissed, and it was exciting! This has just been the best day ever,” said bride Peggy Blakely.

Our last story comes from Winston, Oregon where an elephant pitched in for his own fundraiser. KPIC reports that George the elephant washed cars to raise money for an expansion at a local wildlife safari. The elephant got his practice on a little plastic car before the real things drove through. It made for some cute pictures.