carwashskirt.jpg features the car wash skirt.

Your weird car wash news for this month hails from South Dakota, Hollywood and Idaho. While some of these stories could be classified as crime stories, they were just too weird not to mention here. Enjoy your monthly dose, courtesy of car washes across the country.

Police in Shelley, Idaho arrested a man this week after he was found sleeping in a car wash bay. The Idaho State Journal reports that the man pulled his car into the car wash and fell asleep. When officers found him, they saw he had an open container and some drugs on him. The car was still running.

The Argus Leader reports that a car wash in South Dakota is looking at a bill upwards of $40,000 after a man crashed into their car wash. A man pulled into a bay but took his eye off the road while he reached for something he had dropped. He plowed into the side of the building with his front bumper.

And People Magazine has finally cracked the code for the car wash skirt. It’s a trend we first heard about last year, but it didn’t gain much traction outside the runway. Now People is telling the average person how to wear this design, which takes its name after the swirling cloth cleaners at drive-through car washes. In the fashion world, they call those dangling pieces of cloth streamers. And they suggest pairing the eye-catching design with a muted top to let the piece shine.