We’re bringing you three weird news stories out of car washes around the globe today. Maybe it’s just another weird month or maybe Leap Year has everybody off kilter. Enjoy these three stories from Adelaide to Fargo.

Our first story comes from down under. An Australian man won’t be able to drive for a year after he crashed his car into a car wash window. The 50-year-old man was drunk when he caused the crash, according to police. No one was injured but 9News reports that the car wash had its window shattered.

In Fargo, North Dakota a man got naked and broke into both church and a car wash one weekend. When police found him, he was burning pages out of a bible. The 21-year-old faces charges for arson and burglary. reports that police believe the man was intoxicated and escaped inside the church for warmth.

And this unlikely lawsuit comes from Wheeling, West Virginia where the former owner of a car wash is suing a rental company in a dispute over unpaid rent. The problem is, he’s suing from federal prison. The man says his business failed when he couldn’t access a storage locker with the keys to his car wash inside, according to

According to the complaint, West Rentals evicted Busack after he failed to pay rent for November and December 2015. Busack says he and his power of attorney were denied access to the property in storage, including perishable food items and keys to a car wash he owns. The suit says the food spoiled in storage and that Busack lost income from not having keys to his car wash business.