weird newsWell it’s been a whole month since we last gave you your dose of weird news in the car wash industry. April is the same as any other month: full of the bizarre when it comes to your favorite place of business. Enjoy these three stories.

Scientists are doing research on a massive glacier at the base of Mount Everest. They plan to drill into the glacier’ and to do it, they’re using a tool adapted from a car wash. reports that scientists have modified a massive car wash drill to get to the middle of Khumbu glacier. The goal of the study will be to see how climate change is affecting the glacier.

And a man in Spokane, Washington was reunited with a beloved heirloom after seeing his very own lost and found story on the TV news. A local Fox station aired a story after a 12-year-old girl found a ring in the parking lot of a nearby car wash. She spent two weeks looking for the owner before turning to the local TV station with a special segment helping viewers. The station aired photos of the ring with their story and the man who lost the ring was able to call in and get the jewelry back.

Plus if you’re looking to clean your soul and your car at once, the “Jesus Car Wash” might be for you. There’s a Fayetteville, North Carolina business that earned that name for the signs displayed outside and the gospel music that plays for customers. The business has new management but it sounds like they’ve kept the theme, according to the local paper.