weird newsFebruary is a short month, but that doesn’t mean it’s got any less weird news going on. That’s holding true even when it comes to the car wash industry. Enjoy these three bizarre stories from car washes around the world.

The site of a former car wash in Colorado is being converted to a pot drive-thru, thanks to a demand for legal and recreational cannabis. The owners of Tumbleweed Express have converted the tunnel of the former car wash to make it easy to drive in and out with marijuana. The business is only open to those 21 and older. Decor for the new operation includes green pot leaves and green walls throughout the tunnel. reports that business is located in Parachute, Colorado.

And a teen was caught on camera in the UK dancing while washing the family car. The video on shows the 16-year-old breaking out some dance moves while he sprayed his dad’s car with the hose. The driveway wash was all captured on the family’s security cameras, which the dad reviewed to make sure his son had actually completed the chore. When he saw just how much fun he had, he decided to post the video to the world wide web to embarrass him a bit.

Plus the warm weather brought out a ton of patrons to a car wash this month. So many customers in the same space ended up in a fist fight between two women. No word what they were fighting about, but it was of course caught on camera.