weird newsWhat would a month be without a round-up of all the bizarre happenings in the car wash industry? March 2017 has not disappointed. Here’s a few of the best weird news briefs from across the country.

A car wash in Oak Creek, Wisconsin had a rude surprise this month when the owners found unmentionable body parts graffitied all over their business. The criminals also painted an expletive and did a number to the nearby home. Police are investigating.

And a car was stolen from a car wash while someone was washing it. If this sounds sort of impossible, just check out the full story. A man was vacuuming his own vehicle when he said the carjacking took place. He was taken completely by surprise. Police began investigating. The car owner said the kicker was, he had just purchased the vehicle a week earlier.

A hungry drunk driver apparently had ten beers before crashing into a car wash. The man told police he was headed for a McDonalds drive-thru because he was hungry and instead found himself in the bay of a car wash. We’ve all been there, right?

And here’s a bonus for you. The police blotter in Fremont, Ohio had an interesting write-up about a person who was stuck and dialed 911 for assistance. The brief reads that at “12:14 p.m., a caller reported being stuck in a car wash and the car wash was not running.”