weird newsOK, folks. We’re only halfway through November and already we have a month’s worth of weird news happening at car washes across the country. And as usual, these three happy to be wacky crime stories as well. Enjoy your monthly dose of humor.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time we’ve heard about someone getting busted for pressure washing their dogs at the car wash. Police in Canada were called out to speak with a woman who did just that. While she insisted the dog wasn’t hurt by the pressure, passersby recorded the incident on camera. If you’re looking to have your pups bathed, we recommend visiting a car wash with a dog washing station, which usually includes a tub and a gentle shower head.

And in Arlington, Texas a man was arrested after police were able to track him down using surveillance footage. The kicker is the man is caught on camera smiling during the crime. We imagine he had less to grin about after he was busted for stealing from Lucky Car Wash. The crime was pretty elaborate too and included busting into a safe then making off into  getaway car. Read the full story to see the man’s mugshot.

Then in Kenya, a couple was caught in the act outdoors at a car wash. A customer who was waiting for his vehicle to be serviced decided to go looking for an employee when he spotted the pair having an intimate moment outdoors and in full view of the camera he decided to record the moment with. And of course, the footage made its way online.