weird newsHere’s a dose of your weird car wash news for the past month.

Authorities in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania say a woman there fabricated a story about a theft at a car wash but her daughter ratted it out. Now police believe the woman was involved in a heroin drug deal that went bad.

KDKA reports that the woman told authorities she and her daughter were robbed at gunpoint. Later, the daughter told police that was a lie and that the man they arrested for robbery had been in on the drug deal. The woman’s boyfriend helped to fabricate the story by punching the woman to give her an injury.


A little boy with a toy gun caused quite a stir at a car wash overseas when police saw him wielding what they thought was a weapon. Armed police swarmed the car wash and took the plastic gun from the 9-year-old, drawing criticism from his parents. Police said they take all reports of weapons seriously.

A man who was found sleeping and drunk in his car was arrested a car wash for careless driving. The man, in his mid 20s, was found asleep just before 9 a.m. in front of some car wash stalls at the station in Canada, according to a TV station there.