weird newsWell we haven’t even made it to St. Patrick’s Day yet, but already there are enough shenanigans going on at car washes across the country to merit a weird car wash news post. So here goes. Enjoy your monthly dose of the weird.

A car wash decided to come up with a  bizarre marketing strategy. They filmed a fake crime, making it look like they had footage of a robber going into the car wash and sparring with the attendant. In the fake video, the robber and the attendant disappear off camera and when they return, the robber has gotten stuck in the garage and the attendant is holding him at gun point. As punishment, the attendant has the robber wash vehicles. For the fuzzy explanation of why this was supposed to work, watch the full video.

And police are looking for a woman who they say tried to run over another person at the car wash. It happened in New Orleans, and police there already have a mugshot of the wanted woman up trying to solicit help from the public.

Finally, a man had his car stolen from a Colorado Springs car wash this month, while he was cleaning it out. The man told his local TV station that he was vacuuming the back of the car when two men got in the front and took off. Apparently the man had left the keys to his PT Cruiser right there in the ignition.