"Free car wash if your name is Lyle." This is not the Quick Quack Car Wash. We thought it was funny. (Photo: Flickr)

“Free car wash if your name is Lyle.” This is not the Quick Quack Car Wash. We thought it was funny. (Photo: Flickr)

A car wash business in the Sacramento area is opening its eighth location around the area. To celebrate and build visibility, they’re giving away free car washes for 10 straight days, starting May 20.

“We are so excited by the response we have already received by the West Sacramento community as this location will allow us to serve yet another part of the region where our customers live, work, shop and play,” said Jason Johnson, president of Quick Quack Car Wash, in a news release. “In addition, we are eager to spread our message of water conservation and earth-friendly business practices.”

No doubt the company will lose money in the short term, but it’s likely they’ll increase brand awareness that could carry them forward. The first 10 days, then, will be a crucial time to demonstrate stellar customer service.

If you’re thinking about running a promotion like this, think of it as an opportunity to make a great impression while your customers are already feeling pretty happy (it’s a free car wash!). Of course, treat those promotion days as though you were making tons of sales from it: move them quickly, with a smile. Here are a few ideas from our archives about building loyalty and running promotions: