rocket-express-slide-2Who owns the longest car wash tunnel in the world? What about the country? We’re wondering now because it was recently the source of some minor controversy when a newspaper in Utah reported that a new wash under construction in Utah County would be the country’s largest at 215 feet.

The owner of a longer car wash tunnel was quick to chime in and correct the record. At 240 feet, Joe and Janet Russell are the proud owners of two of the country’s longest tunnels. As of 2015, they also argued they had the longest tunnel’s in the world and were in the process of obtaining the Guinness World Record to prove it.

Though MacNeil Equipment originally claimed that the Orem Wiggy Wash was the longest in North America, according to Joe Russell, owner of Rocket Express Car Washes in Idaho and Midvale, Utah, Rocket car washes are actually the longest conveyor washes in North America. Russell’s Idaho locations come in at 240 feet, and the Midvale one sits at 225. Russell said they are planning to install a 250 foot wash in South Jordan this year.

The newest car wash in Utah County, Orem Wiggy Wash, will at least be the longest in the county. Joe Russell corrected the record by commenting on the newspaper’s article online. He also pointed out that he and his wife plan to open an even longer car wash tunnel this year. The length? 250 feet.