An English car wash company struck a deal with a local branch of Tesco supermarket to provide onsite car wash services to Tesco’s customers. Here’s why teaming up with a retailer is a good idea for both.

Waves Consultancy, Ltd. has more than 100 locations in England and Wales. It is now seeking planning permission from the East Herts District Council to set up valeting at the Bishop’s Stortford Tesco branch, as reported in the Herts and Essex Observer.

Waves informed the Council its goal is to minimize impact on customers. Its plans involve setting up a canopy, stationing an unobtrusive office, and utilizing nine parking spaces to wash a maximum of six vehicles at a time. In its planning, Waves has accounted for several important safety and transit factors that could impact customers’ use of the parking lot including pedestrian access to the store and a determination that the car wash operation will not impact the ingress and egress of the lot’s traffic routes.

Beyond meeting safety standards, the car wash company emphasized to the Council that its onsite services will benefit the local economy. “The introduction of the car wash will create new and sustainable economic growth in the area; it will have a positive impact on local employment creating an estimated four full-time and four part-time jobs. The car wash will also provide increased consumer choice with the addition of the service,” Waves said.

When pitching an onsite car wash service to a retailer, consider research from other successful operations. Waves informed the Council that of its existing hand car wash sites, on average approximately 89% of its customer base uses the store. ¬†“Therefore we believe there will be no significant increase in traffic or car park usage associated with the car wash,” the company added.

In fact, evidence shows that teaming up with a retailer benefits both the car wash provider and the store by providing an added value to the retailer’s customers while¬†boosting in-store sales while the customer’s car is being washed.