When I’m not writing this blog I am usually making websites for carwashes. When I tell people that I build websites for carwashes people usually ask me why carwashes would need a website. Customers have gotten used to washing their cars. You go to the carwash you go to and you wash your car. They probably don’t remember what took them to that carwash in the first place. After a quick Google search it was obvious to them and to me where they would wash their car. That is how a website matters. It is the online face of your company. Your physical signage is useless if people don’t drive by. Your website is your virtual signage.

The truth is, many people across all generations like to visit websites to gain insight on the quality of the wash, find deals, find the carwash, and to purchase monthly plans online. A website is the centerpiece and platform for all marketing efforts. Your email marketing, blog, or social media should all have one goal in mind; getting customers to buy your monthly plans online. Don’t have a monthly plan? Get them to buy gift cards or coupon books online. Online sales are increasingly important as more and more people like the convenience, privacy, and freedom of online shopping.

Selling online is adding value for your customers. Many business owners are usually too busy working the business and forget to work on the business. You need to constantly add value for your customers and stay ahead of the times with the current trends. Being complacent in current operations gives your competition the chance to steal customers. Giving your customers the convenience and privacy of online sales will add value. Maybe they don’t have time to visit your wash as often as they would like to purchase certain products or gift cards. Even giving them the option to change their billing information online makes your customer experience that much better. If you get a website with Wolford Communications, we work closely with DRB’s SiteWatch Website Connect to offer you the best online sales platform that is specifically designed with carwashes in mind.

Selling online allows you to reach more customers. Without a website you may not have reached all of the customers who can benefit from your carwash. Imagine that there is a customer who wants to purchase a wash plan, but doesn’t know which carwash to choose. They might Google the most conveniently located carwash to their house or workplace. They will want to see what the carwashes are like or who can offer them the best value. This is where a website is crucial and where having online shopping can drive you new business.

With a website and online sales you can create a sales funnel. You can send email marketing campaigns or start a blog that drives customers to your website. If you implement it correctly in one or two clicks of a mouse people can sign up for your monthly plan. It is also important to note that with online sales you help ease buyers remorse by having a message on the confirmation page listing the benefits that they will receive from your carwash and the money they will save with your monthly plan.

Marketing is constantly changing and so are the expectations of consumers. In a modern world, it is increasingly important to stay ahead of competition or at the very least, not get left behind. Don’t get caught waiting for customers to drive to you. Your customers are busy online planning where they are going to drive next.