As any business knows, there is a price you must pay for a new customer. It is always more expensive to get new customers than it is to keep current customers. So money spent on keeping customers has a higher ROI than attaining new ones. But what about customers who have left? Winning back the loyalty of former customers is a great way to boost sales. Win back customers with WinBack!

woman-smartphone-girl-technologyHighly Personalized WinBack Campaigns

Once a WinBack campaign is initialized, loyal now inactive customers will receive personal messages and incentives on their phones. Once the message is received, customers have 30 days to redeem the offer. For example, if a customer were to laps for four months, you could send a message directly to their phone. “Classic Car Care sent you a free reward! We want to see you again, come in any time in the month of June and receive a free XYZ with a premium car wash.” The messages and offers are fully customizable, so your imagination is the limit when it comes to offers.

Bring Back that Loving Feeling

WinBack boasts an average 566% ROI after two months with marketing to previously loyal customers. 49% of customers targeted through a WinBack campaign return multiple times. This is due to the highly personalized nature of the campaigns. Engaging with customers on a personal level and creating offers that are unique to them gives them a feeling of loyalty. Attaching your brand to a customer’s feeling of loyalty is car wash gold.

Easy to Set Up

Winback campaigns are not only effective, but they are easy to set up. There are no spreadsheets, detailed analysis, or set ups. Campaigns can be launched from your desktop in as little as 2 minutes. Once set up the process is fully automated, and best of all will have your former loyal customers back at your door. You can check out WinBack at and request a free demo before you dive in.

If you need help setting up a WinBack campaign, email campaign or need general advice on marketing your car wash, head over to Wolford Communications. They are specialists in car wash marketing and will get more customers rolling through your wash!