Heavy-duty windshield stickers for car wash companies

We offer barcoded or variable numbered windshield labels that have been tested by DRB to scan through windshield glass. Get low prices for high-quality vinyl prints.

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Windshield stickers are like a membership card for your monthly wash plans: Give your customers a premium product. As a family owned vendor for the car wash industry, we pride ourselves on fast, personal service.

One of the major pain points for monthly car wash programs is plan sharing. We prevent abuse by printing our windshield stickers on heavy-duty vinyl with security slits that cause the sticker to destruct if customers try to remove them.

Like our other variable printed products, car wash windshield stickers are variable bar coded or variable numbered. They can work with any point of sale system.

We also offer door jamb stickers.

Typically, car washes ask for windshield adhesives at 0.75 inches by 2 inches with one color, a bar code, and the name of the car wash on them. But we offer multiple size options, as well as full-color logos and custom designs.
Our turnaround times are between 10-14 business days. We offer personal customer service, so you can always reach us with your concerns.

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Wolford Communications is a family owned marketing firm located in Ohio and serving clients around the world. We have delivered fast, personalized service to over 800 car wash businesses in North America as a preferred vendor for DRB since 2010.

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