SouthMeadows-NNB-013017-7-325x216.jpgDon’t let the cold weather fool you. The future car wash planned for a shopping plaza in northern Nevada will have a warm weather vibe. Dubbed Surf Thru Express Car Wash, the chain will open its second location in the area in the next couple of months.

Originally, the owner Scott Howry told his local paper, the North Nevada Business Weekly, that he hoped to have his doors open by the end of 2016. But the last few months proved detrimental to the construction timeline as heavy snows delayed progress.

So the new plan is to open in April of this year. That’s when Surf Thru Express Car Wash will get to show off its signature feature: getting through the car wash in record time without sacrificing service. According to its website, “Surf Thru Express Car Washing is the next generation of quality car care. Instead of a 30–60 minute wait at a full service car wash, Surf Thru guests get in and out in as little as 5 minutes.”

That’s a lot faster than the construction timeline. Surf Thru bough the 1.4 acre parcel last year for about $13 a square foot.When they finally get to open their doors, they’ll offer complimentary vacuum services to each customer who comes through for a speedy wash. Vending machines on site will also offer additional tools for interior cleaning.

For more on Surf Thru Car Wash Express and all of their locations, visit their website.