Nichola Orr demonstrates her product. (Photo: The Gleaner)

Nichola Orr demonstrates her product. (Photo: The Gleaner)

The severe drought in Jamaica is hitting everyone there hard, but perhaps no industry is feeling the pinch as much as the island nation’s car wash businesses. Bans on using water hoses to wash cars continue to be in effect.

On Sunday, The Gleaner newspaper reported the drought was opening new avenues for suppliers of waterless car wash products. In particular, they featured a Florida entrepreneur named Nichola Orr who manufactures a product called WATA-LESS.

Orr told the paper: “I went to Australia 15 years ago and they don’t use water to wash cars there. So I came back with the idea and totally forgot about it, but then started doing some research on it with my son. I was opening a new business and I said to myself, why not do this? People want to keep their cars clean. How are we going to do it without using any water? I contacted the chemist and said this is what I want and told him what scent.”

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