Smart signs that increase revenue and create memorable experiences

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Unattended loading and unloading is here. We work with any POS or control system or without them. We can use a variety of methods to send multiple messages to a single sign or to multiple signs.

Control Your Signage

Howler gives you the power to update your graphics and messaging on the fly. No need for USB Flashdrives. No waiting for designs. You can control it yourself from your dashboard. Don’t want to DIY?  No problem. Upgrade to our managed plan and we’ll run everything for you.

Personalization to Create Loyalty

With our partner OmniX Labs we are able to show you personalized messages. If you want to show members how much they have saved with their membership we can do this. If you want to thank them personally, by name, we can do that.

Strategic digital signage for car washes

Wolf Boards give you the power to update your graphics and messaging on the fly, including personalized content powered by omniX vehicle recognition.

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Wolford Communications is a family owned marketing firm located in Ohio and serving clients around the world. We have delivered fast, personalized service to over 800 car wash businesses in North America as a preferred vendor for DRB since 2010.