homeless car wash_1491953599317_9207693_ver1.0Here’s a feel good story for you out of Houston, Texas. It’s there that a woman who runs a car was by the name of Bo Guard Detailing is coming be known as an angel in her city. Dorothy Bickam estimates she’s hired, housed and fed at least 400 homeless individuals over the years in her mission to run a business and lend a helping hand.

It’s something she decided to do given her own past, according to the local TV station, 12News. Dorothy was homeless once, and she understands the difficulty in getting on your feet when you have nothing. So she helps the people who come to her looking for help, by paying them to work at her car wash while they get free housing and meals at the apartments she owns.

The men and women she has helped call her Momma and have come back years later to share their success stories after she’s hired them.

“They’re human, just like we are, and they need help, a second chance just like anybody else do,” Bickham said.

It’s not the only car wash that has made it a mission to employee those who might otherwise have difficulty finding work. We’ve told you before about Rising Tide Car Wash, which employees those with autism. The car wash company is going to appear on an upcoming show on Oprah’s television network.