Please Wash Me Car Wash

An Elverson, Pennsylvania, car wash business owner was in a bit of a bind. Every year around this time the corn fields around his location grow so tall that passing drivers can’t see him. How to compete with the corn and snag the attention of potential customers?

“You can’t use neon. You can’t use flashing lights. So I used sunflowers,” Rick Frey of Please Wash Me Car Wash told the local TV station. Watch the video here. It’s really a sight to behold.

NBC10 did a report on his car wash and illustrated it with drone footage. It shows people walking among the sunflowers. Check it out, it’s beautiful. According to the news station:

“A little, hidden patch of joy was planted in Elverson, Pennsylvania, seven years ago by ‘Please Wash Me Car Wash’ owner Rick Frey. Frey told NBC10 he noticed his car wash was struggling financially because farmers nearby planted corn that grew to hide his business. He decided to plant the field to attract attention, but now the field has “become its own thing.”