weird newsA new ad for Diet Coke features a woman who cracks a bottle of the beverage open after pulling into an automated car wash, an article by AdWeek shows. The first sip transforms the whirring mechanisms around her into a throw-back Gatsby-era party with bubbly champagne and twirling dancers. Maybe it’s a clip that could spur as much interest in carbonated drinks as your local business?

Dennis Rodman made a bit of a scene at a car wash in Costa Mesa, California recently, according to The former NBA player showed up seemingly intoxicated and prompted onlookers to call police, worried he might drive off. A representative for Rodman said later his girlfriend took him safely home.

A man needed help finding his rogue phone at a car wash after he accidentally placed it on the bumper of another vehicle. The other car drove off without realizing they had the man’s property in tow, reports. There was no word as to whether police were able to help him retrieve the phone.