Zips Car Wash is expanding further into Florida with it’s latest acquisition. The company based in Little Rock, Arkansas announced last week it’s newest addition:  Tidal Wave Auto Spa in Orange Park, Florida. Executive vice president of strategic initiatives and memberships for Zips announced that “Tidal Wave has a great history of excellence” and that the company is “excited to bring another great operation in the Jacksonville area into the Zips family.” This new Jacksonville addition is the sixth car wash location in Florida for Zips Car Wash. It is the fourth acquisition in the sunshine state recently announced for this major car wash, following three other Florida deals made in June.

Zips has quickly expanded since its founding in 1994. The company began with one car wash in Searcy, Arkansas and is now operating 72 customer service centers located in nine states. The expansion has been a gradual climb until recently, with about two or three acquisitions every year. Their largest year by far though, has to be 2016. Zips and owner/CEO, Brett Overman, have made their biggest move to date, buying 44 car washes last year alone. A huge part of the expansion was the buying of 30 car washes along with the company Boomerang. After buying Boomerang, Zips moved its headquarters from Jonesboro over to Little Rock, where Boomerang was previously based.

Buying Boomerang has proven to be a huge move for Zips. The addition 30 car washes gave Zips a major boost up to a position as one of the largest tunnel car wash companies in the United States. As a major player in the car wash field, Zips Car Wash has dedicated itself not only to quality service, but green service. According to their website, Zips uses eco-friendly chemicals designed to be gentle on the environment as well as cars. Alongside the environmentally friendly was chemicals, Zips uses a recycling system designed to reduce the amount of water and energy used for each car wash. As a growing company, their ability to set an example appears to be at the forefront of their operation.

Zips has committed itself to excellence, and by continuing to add successful businesses to their family, they are preparing to maintain that reputation of great service. With these latest additions from the summer of 2017, Zips and their marketing expert, Mr. Zippy will continue to move forward.